Push-ups - not a man-thing only


Push-ups are normally seen as THE exercise for men. Women are often afraid of including it into their fitness routine because you never know, what if you woke up the next morning with a body builder's arms? Well, of course, that's a nonsense. Ladies, it's about time to declare war on the pudding in your arms!


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Workout with Balls

If you want to make your practice as effective and as challenging as possible, you might want to give workout with gym balls a try. It is particularly useful for us dancers since it’s quite an easy way to improve the coordination between your muscles without causing them to sore on the day after which would have a negative effect on your coordination. Here are a few of my favorite exercises. But beware, you will need balls to do these!


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I ♥ Plank

Plank is an exercise that can be done by almost everyone and it strengthens your abdominal muscles, your arms, legs, chest and shoulders. It is the perfect exercise for us dancers to improve the core stability. So here we go!


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